PLEASE NOTE:  My daughter, myself, and my granddaughter are currently working together on our Mini Rex programs and our rabbitry information can be seen at:  Sand Castle Rabbitry

Welcome to Designer Bunnies where the spotlight is on Mini Rex. Mini Rex are the most popular breed in the United States due to their small size (approximately 4 pounds), velvet-like fur, and easy-going personality.

Designer Bunnies is located in sunny Central Florida (close to Ocala).  I am a member of and my rabbitry is registered (#D1814) with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). I am also a member of the National Mini Rex Rabbit club as well as the Florida State Rabbit Breeders Association..

My family raised rabbits for about 15 years before we took a break of about 3 years. But my daughter, Amanda (Paradise Rabbitry), and I recently decided we were ready to jump back into the rabbit habit and get back to work.  While there have been many breeds in the barn over the years, Mini Rex have always been there and were our first love. 

We are thrilled to see the approval of several new varieties as we’ve always been really fond of them and had hoped they would be developed.  We enjoy working with and promoting varieties which are often overlooked — Manda’s very first variety was Lynx.  Amanda has again decided to pursue her work with Otter Mini Rex.  Please check out Amanda’s site.  It took me a while but I finally decided to work with Silver Martens and will probably focus on Chocolate and Lilac.  We’re looking forward to promoting these gorgeous varieties in and around Florida.

Please look around.  If you have questions about anything, click on the Contact Debi link.

My stock includes bloodlines from Maple Kelly, Joey & Doreen Schults, Noble Fur, Humphries, Redelman, Compart, Dream Catcher, Cresthill, King, Lowe, Iris Patch, Southern Belle, Higher Ground, Holding Gold, Dill, Kaleb, Burkert, EZDaes, McCabe, Cabrera, and Buresh.  A special “thank you” to several Florida breeders (Bun Bun Hutch, MCC, Luso, Tote’s, and Gabby) for bringing in and working with these well-known lines.

Both quality AND temperament are important to us.  Our rabbits are handled daily and will make a great addition to a new or existing breeding program whether its for 4-H, local, state, or national shows.  They also make great pets.  My granddaughter (who is almost 2 years old) lives with me and is in the rabbitry almost every day; so I will not keep a rabbit that bites no matter how good it is … and I will not sell it as a pet or even as breeding/show stock (rabbits that cannot be handled without gloves or other protective covering are not my idea of a “fun” hobby).

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